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Best Metal Detector VLF System

Very Low Frequency (VLF)

This type of metal detector uses two coils, one sends and the other receives, to pick up on targets in the ground. The sender coil creates a magnetic field that reacts to metal objects. When a target is found, a current is formed, the receiver coil takes the signal and amplifies it to be heard through a speaker or headphones. Many detectors can even translate the signal into a number based on how strong the magnetic current is.

Because of its ability to give information back on targets, there are lots of metal detectors that use VLF technology. The control box is where the magic happens with this type of detector. It interprets the signal and turns it into easy to understand visual and audio cues. Depending on how much work goes into the interface and controls, you can ignore targets you don’t want to dig, see about how deep a target is, change the sensitivity, and much more.

Most detectors are set up for specific types of hunting. For example, the settings on gold detectors like the Nokta Makro AU Gold Finder take into account the hot rocks and ground that are encountered in a goldfield. Some of the newer detectors, like the Garrett AT Max or Minelab Equinox Series, are set up to be used in multiple soil types with preset programs that change settings fairly easily.


Uncover deep hidden treasures with the new IMPACT Multi Frequency Metal Detector by Nokta! The IMPACT combines multiple detectors in one and utilizes cutting edge technology, enabling a unique yet easy-to-use detector experience for new to experienced detectorists.

The IMPACT boasts (12) search modes designed to hunt out different targets such as coins, relics and deep treasure caches. It also operates extremely well in different terrains including (but not limited to) wet beach sand and parks, allowing you to search without any further adjustment if you wish.

Featuring (3) powerful operating frequencies, online firmware update (via PC USB) capability and robust design. If you are looking for depth and advanced discrimination ability, the IMPACT – just like its name – will make a great impact on your future detecting finds.


Operating Principle VLF
Operating Frequency 5kHz – 14kHz – 20kHz
Audio Frequencies 150Hz – 700Hz adjustable
Search Modes 12 (2 Non-motion, 2 All Metal, 8 Discrimination)
Iron Volume Yes
Tone Break Yes
Notch Filter Yes
Ground Balance Automatic / Manual / Tracking
Pinpoint Yes
Frequency Shift Yes
Vibration Yes
Gain Setting 01 – 99
Target ID 00 – 99
Search Coil Waterproof DD Search Coil 28×18 cm / 11″ x 7″ (IM28)
Display Custom LCD
Backlight Yes
LED Flashlight Yes
Weight 1.8 kg (4 lbs.) including search coil and batteries
Length 107 cm – 143 cm (42″ – 56″) adjustable
Battery 4 x AA Alkaline
Warranty 2 Years

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